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Globoempresa SL - asistencia técnica More than twenty years in the design of internationalization processes

Globoempresa aims to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction

       Globoempresa seeks to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, environmental protection and continuous improvement by meeting the objectives of Quality and Environment established, involving all its levels, from the Management team to all those who use it. With this purpose, Globoempresa makes a commitment to implement the following decisions:

1) Define, implement and maintain the company's Quality and Environmental System, whose basic elements are developed in the Management Manual.

2) Achieving the highest customer satisfaction by ensuring and maintaining the confidence of it by meeting in the provision of our services "Strategic Consultancy, Studies, Business and Financial Advice."

3) Walk towards continuous improvement in our processes, through a feedback of the problems that arise in our projects, which means, analyzing their causes, in order to plan and manage proactively.

4) Globoempresa Technical Assistance will provide the necessary human and technical resources as well as those processes of communication both internally and externally, to ensure the highest quality and environmental care in providing its services in line with the requirements.

5) Create a good climate in order to promote the quality and the environment within Globoempresa through planned training and encouraging our permanent staff in relation to the management and implementation of activities or actions related to the quality and the environment, promoting teambuilding and allowing professional and personal development of all its members.

6) Guarantee the development of our employees and those skills that allow the delegation of responsibility and self-control in their activities.

7) Globoempresa will use its facilities and will implement all the projects, taking into consideration the reduction of energy consumption, water and raw materials, as well as maximizing recycling materials and care of hazardous waste management, thus contributing positively to the minimization of damage to public health and the environment. 

8) Comply all laws and regulations affecting the Company, relating both to the environment as any other sector, at national, regional and local levels, and those commitments and requirements that the company subscribes.