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Globoempresa SL - asistencia técnica More than twenty years in the design of internationalization processes

Internationalization is a concept that goes beyond regular trade. In Spain there are many companies with high growth potential outside the country and they are not related with the manufacture of products. 

These are companies of high value-added services, among which are: engineering, consulting, environmental companies, architectural firms, construction companies and facilities, training or ICT and many other sectors.

A proper internationalization process has several phases, such as a situation analysis, prior to the design of an internationalization plan with actions focused on what do we want to achieve, where, how and how long will it take, and also the research for grants or local partners. All these planned measures increase the probabilities of success of the company and allow savings of resources.

Globoempresa, through its services, designs, executes and supports the SMEs throughout the internationalization process, providing a solid experience, skilled human resources and an extensive network of contacts abroad.


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